X-Ray Scanning Services

Precision Meets Digital Transformation

X-Ray Scanning Services

Precision Meets Digital Transformation

In the intricate world of medical diagnostics and industrial analysis, the clarity and accessibility of X-ray images are paramount. ASM DataCore's X-Ray Scanning services are meticulously crafted to meet the demanding needs of both sectors. Our specialised scanning solutions ensure that X-rays are digitised with the highest fidelity, preserving the image quality and detail, and making these critical diagnostic tools readily available for analysis, sharing, and long-term storage.
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Why Choose ASM DataCore for X-Ray Scanning

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Utilising advanced scanning technology, our X-Ray Scanning services capture every nuance of your X-ray images. We maintain the integrity and detail of the original films, ensuring that the digitised versions are of the highest quality and suitable for diagnostic and analytical purposes.

Enhanced Accessibility and

Digitising X-rays transforms them from physical films to versatile digital files. Our services make it easy for medical professionals and industrial analysts to access, share, and collaborate using X-ray images, facilitating a more integrated and efficient workflow.
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Secure and Compliant

Recognising the sensitive nature of X-ray images, especially in medical contexts, we ensure that every digitised image is stored securely, in compliance with industry standards and regulations. Our robust storage solutions safeguard your data, ensuring that your X-ray images are protected and preserved.

Custom Solutions for
Diverse Needs

Whether it's a single X-ray film or a comprehensive archive, our X-Ray Scanning services are scalable and tailored to the unique needs of your medical practice or industrial operation. We provide custom solutions that align with your specific requirements, ensuring that our services are a perfect fit for your digitisation objectives.
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Streamlined Retrieval and

Post-digitisation, our services extend to efficient indexing and management systems, making your digitised X-rays easily retrievable and manageable. We streamline the way you interact with your X-ray data, enhancing your operational efficiency and decision-making processes.

X-ray Scanning Services

We uses state-of-the-art scanning technology to handle X-ray films of all types and sizes, including medical, dental, and industrial inspection (NDT X-rays) and radiology imaging.

• Skilled X-ray Scanning: By employing specialist medical and NDT X-ray scanners.

• Capable and Experienced Team: No matter the volume, type, or size of your X-rays, we equipped to handle it all.

• We provide high-quality images a prompt turnaround time.

• Secure and Confidential environment for secure and confidential service, maintaining your confidential data with highest care and consideration.

• Certifications for Assurance: We’re certified to ISO 9001, 27001, ICO, GDPR and Cyber Essentials,

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The ASM DataCore Advantage in X-Ray Scanning


Choosing ASM DataCore's X-Ray Scanning services means entrusting your critical X-ray films to experts in precision digitisation.


Our specialised approach, combined with the latest in scanning technology, guarantees that your X-ray images are captured, stored, and managed with the utmost care and expertise.


We are committed to enhancing the utility and accessibility of your X-ray images, supporting the crucial work of medical professionals and industrial analysts alike.

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Explore the potential of digital transformation with ASM DataCore's X-Ray Scanning services. Discover how our expert solutions can optimise your X-ray imaging processes, ensuring that every detail is preserved, accessible, and ready to contribute to your vital work.

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