Microfilm Scanning Services

Bridging Past and Future with Precision

Microfilm Scanning Services

Bridging Past and Future with Precision

Microfilm Scanning

In the digital era, historical records and archival materials are more than mere reflections of the past; they are invaluable assets that, when digitised, can unlock insights and knowledge for future generations. ASM DataCore's Microfilm Scanning services are meticulously designed to transform your microfilm and microfiche collections into superior digital formats, breathing new life into your archives and making them more accessible and searchable than ever before.
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Why Choose ASM DataCore for Microfilm Scanning

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Our state-of-the-art scanners and meticulous scanning protocols ensure that each image is captured with the highest fidelity. From delicate textures in artwork to the fine print in contracts, our technology and expertise ensure that every detail is preserved in the digital copy.

Enhanced Accessibility and

The digital formats we provide not only preserve the integrity of your original records but also enhance their usability. Our digitised versions are easily searchable, allowing you to access specific information quickly, without the hassle of manually browsing through rolls of microfilm.
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Tailored Solutions for
Diverse Archives

Recognising the unique nature of archival materials, ASM DataCore offers custom Microfilm Scanning solutions tailored to the specific needs of your collection. Whether it's historical images, research materials, or newspaper archives, our services are designed to cater to a wide array of microfilm and microfiche content.

Commitment to Preservation and Continuity

Our Microfilm Scanning services are more than a digitisation process; they are a commitment to preserving historical records. By converting your microfilm into digital formats, we ensure that the knowledge and memories they hold are safeguarded against the ravages of time and are accessible for future research and exploration.
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Seamless Integration and Archival Management

Post-digitisation, ASM DataCore provides robust solutions for the management and storage of your digitised records. Our systems are designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing archival infrastructure, making the transition to digital archives smooth and hassle-free.

The ASM DataCore Advantage in Microfilm Scanning

Benefits of Digitising Microfilm & Microfiche

Save time by reducing how long it takes to find documents, to then spend more time printing & distributing them.
Immediate Access to microfilm & microfiche data via an indexed and searchable electronic database.
Save Money on valuable time that employees spend on searching for, printing & distributing documents.
Save Space and reduce clutter by eliminating bulky microfilm readers and filing cabinets. Put new space to better use.
Backup and Protect important data from decay, misfiling and unforeseen disasters that can dismantle business operations.
Improve Customer Service with the ability to locate and share pertinent information quickly and easily.


With ASM DataCore's Microfilm Scanning services, you're not just digitising records; you're preserving history and making it accessible and relevant in the digital age.


Our expert team, equipped with the best in scanning technology, ensures that your microfilm archives are transformed into high-quality digital formats, bridging the rich archival past with a future where data is instantly retrievable and eternally preserved.

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Step into the future of archival management with ASM DataCore's Microfilm Scanning services. Discover how we can help you unlock the full potential of your historical records, making them more accessible, searchable, and enduring than ever before.

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