Store 2 Scan


  • Receiving  Invoices every month for document storage and file retrievals – these will increase significantly over the coming years?
  • Drowning, or being squeezed by years of documents stored at your current offices, this will  impact both growth and development?
  • Paying out money every month for expensive file or box retrievals in order to access your vital data?

If the answer is YES – ASM DataCore can provide the perfect solution.

 ASM DataCore Store-2-Scan

 Store-2-Scan is a unique service for companies.  Have  your archive documents stored by ASM DataCore F.O.C.

A set quantity of the archived documents digitised monthly and returned in the format of their choice.

We are delighted to announce the expansion of our Store-2-Scan and Scan-On-Demand services.

Our Store-2-Scan and Scan-On-Demand services provides an immediate cost reduction., Providing secure digital access to their archive records.

Since its launch, the service has proven to be hugely popular , users  have identified the huge savings.

operational benefits the service provides.

Clients using our Store-2-Scan service also receive free access to our Scan-On-Demand service. This provides fast access to urgently required archive files.

Access to urgent data included. Telephone or email to request the file from the archive. The file is retrieved, scanned, and emailed to the designated authorised person.

Alternatively it can be or uploaded to our secure encrypted S FTP site – normally within 2 hours.     Call 01264 336007