Oracle Barcode Index Extractor

If you have rolls of microfilm created using the old Kodak Oracle indexing and bar code method then we have a method to automatically extract that information.

We provide this as software, and some services to tailor this to your specific needs as there are frequently variations.

Our Oracle decoding software is designed to import scanned tiff images taken from a Kodak Oracle
film and process these depending on the barcodes attached to each image.
The process is simple
• Import the scanned images of an Oracle film
• Create a folder that represents the film number
• Process the images to create a folder structure based on barcode values
• Allow manual correction of any miss-reads.
• Process these images to create a folder and file structure that mirrors the original film
• Create a CSV file that contains barcode values and image paths. This can then be used with
a document management system.
The software is designed to read positive and negative films. You can use the software to load an
image and read the barcode value. It will output the images as Type 4 compression Tiff.


We can provide a customised version of this software if your specific needs require this.