Oracle Barcode Index Extractor

Rolls of microfilm created using the old Kodak Oracle indexing and bar code system  can be digitise into a usable database.

Software, and services are tailored to your specific requirements, there are many variations.

Our Oracle decoding software is designed to import scanned tiff images taken from a Kodak Oracle film,then process the images depending on the bar-codes attached to each image.

The process is simple

• Import the scanned images of an Oracle film.
• Create a folder that represents the film number.
• Process the images to create a folder structure based on bar-code values.
• Allow manual correction of any miss-reads.
• Process these images to create a folder and file structure that mirrors the original film.
• Create a CS V file that contains bar-code values and image paths. This can then be used with
a document management system.
The software is designed to read positive and negative films. You can use the software to load an
image and read the bar-code value. It will output the images as Type 4 compression Tiff.

We can provide a customised version of this software if your specific needs require this.

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