X-Ray Scanning

X- Ray Digitisation

Patient Records in general have many statutory requirements concerning there storage. Preservation and distribution of patient records is strictly controlled. These records may have to be kept for the lifetime of the patient and longer. Therefore a storage medium capable of safely securing information for up to 100 years is needed.
We  digitise varying sizes of X-Rays from 14″ x 17″ to 44mm Dental X-Rays.

All X-Rays are treated with total confidentiality. Our digitising centre is based in Hampshire, it has been purposely designed for the digital capturing and processing of various documents and materials. All digitisation and storage takes place in a humidity and temperature controlled facility with state of the art scanning technology. Access to all areas of document storage, handling and preparation is strictly controlled to ensure security and confidentiality.

We will produce image files in  file formats such as Tiff,PDF, PDF/A, JPEG 2000, BMP etc in either colour or grey scale.

Once you have a digital library of images we can index,  OCR, and add appropriate metadata. We can help you maintain your image collection by importing the files and metadata in to our Docs on Line Cloud Based Retrieval Software content management system (or into your own system).

You don’t have to take our word for it, contact us and we can produce a test batch for you.

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