ASM DataCore Ltd

Microfilm Scanning

We can scan your microfilm archives using the latest technology giving  the best high resolution image possible.

All formats of microfilm can be scanned including:

  • 16mm Roll Film

  • 35mm Roll Film

  • Microfiche Jackets

  • Step and Repeat

  • Com Fiche

  • 35mm Aperture Cards

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    ISO27001 ISO9001

    BS 10008 Legal Admissibility of Electronic Data

    Registered with the ICO No ZA272652


    We will generally produce image files in TIFF formats, although we can produce other file formats such as PDF, PDF/A, JPEG 2000, BMP etc

    Once you have a digital library of images we can index,  OCR, and add appropriate metadata. We can help you maintain your image collection by importing the files and metadata in to our Docs on Line Cloud Based Retrieval Software content management system (or into your own system).

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