GIS Mapping


ASM DataCore Ltd provides cost effective and comprehensive consultancy services in the fields of GIS and EDMS for the private and public sector markets.

Our services include assessment of information archives, advice on how to convert paper records into electronic media suitable for use in GIS and EDMS systems, the preparation of contract documentation for proposed data capture projects, the quality control of existing data capture projects carried out by others, scanning of paper documents for Electronic Document Management Systems, the Geo-referencing of scanned maps and the processing of graphical and textual data from paper maps and records for Geographical Information Systems.

Experience and Capabilities

The key members of the company, have successfully completed hundreds of projects during the last twenty-five years for over 200 Local Authorities and other Public Sector clients.

Projects have ranged from the assessment, management and the capture of tens of thousands of paper records from Ordnance Survey maps, the associated attributes from a variety of paper and microfiche records through to the scanning and indexing of paper/film documents for Planning, Building Control, Highway, Land Charges and Property departments.

We have obtained a thorough knowledge of council department data and the way individual departments use the same corporate data. This coupled with our extensive experience in the use of GIS and EDMS, provides us with skills to advise on effective, efficient and accurate data capture.

ASM DataCore offers two key services:

  1. Assessing archive records and the liaison with end users to ensure paper data systems are fully understood before embarking on digitisation,
  2. The ability to interpret and capture datasets accurately to a high standard and suitable for use within GIS and EDMS systems.

Scanning and Geo-Referencing

Each map is scanned initially as a full colour or black and white tiff image with LZW compression and to a resolution of 400dpi. Each map will be quality controlled and inspected for dirt lines, twists or stretch. Once a satisfactory quality control has been achieved, the maps will be set aside as the archive copy.

A copy will then be taken of the archive copy and the copy converted to a Jpeg with a resolution of 200 dpi in preparation for geo-referencing.

The 200 dpi Jpeg images will then be geo-referenced using either Erdas Imagine geo-processing software or MapInfo Professional GIS software.

Once the control points for an image has been completed then that image is set aside for a subsequent registration process which incorporates the use of batch software for creating non-cropped geo-referenced images. Cropped geo-referenced images can be provided at additional cost.

On completion of each batch, the geo-referencing of each map will be checked in MapInfo Professional using the OS MasterMap to ensure that the control points have been registered correctly and accurately as possible. Any errors encountered will be addressed by running the image through Erdas Image again and the whole process repeated.

Once we are content that the images have been geo-referenced correctly then the images will be provided to import into relevant customer software.

Geo-Referencing of Scanned Microfiche Maps

Each 35mm Microfilm will be scanned at 200 Dpi Black and White, at various scales, using churches, buildings, farm buildings, fences etc. as Ground Control Points.

 Please Note, an assumption has been made that OS digital mapping such as OS MasterMap has been provided by the customer without cost.

To enable us to extract the digital coordinates for GCP values.