Drawing and Large Format Scanning

ROWE engineers have always implemented state-of-the-art technology.


Technological innovation results in developments like the highest productivity worldwide, SuperSpeed USB 3.0 + RES & ROWE Scan Matrix+. The Rowe 850i comes in 3 different sizes, 44“, 55“& 60“. The 850i has automatic height adjustment and can scan material up to 30mm thick! There are no compromises during production. The ROWE Scan 850i is manufactured in one of the most modern production plants in the world.

ASM DataCore’s  scanning and restoration services are ideal for creating large format maps, plans and drawings for companies.

There are many such items held in storage in archives. ASM DataCore’s maps, plans and drawings archiving service decrease the time spent searching for drawings. It makes the most of office space, while supplying immediate retrieval from your laptop, desktop or network server.

– Council Plans
– Archival Maps & Drawings
– Engineering Drawings
– Building Construction Drawings
– Electrical Circuit Drawings

ASM DataCore are leading experts in the scanning and preserving of old rare documents in Britain. With a staff of highly trained specialist digitizers, capable of scanning plans, drawings and paintings of any material. ASMDataCore  take on any size of job without risk of stressing an item or damaging it. We also provide various applications for your latest digital files, including (but not limited to):


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