Drawing and Large Format Scanning

Specialist knowledge and experience is required to understand the challenges required when digitising Drawings and Maps. We capture fine details, colour and the best contrast without the risk of damaging old and fragile originals.

At ASM DataCore we only use the Rowe large format scanners considered to be the best on the market. Rowe Scanners incorporate ground-breaking innovation producing lightening scanning speeds of up to 15″ per minute and that’s in COLOUR. Dynamic stitching continuously controls the scanned data of each sensor and recombines it in real time, even when drawings are thin and have been folded.

Enabling ASM DataCore to provide the highest quality at extremely competitive prices. 

    ISO27001 ISO9001

    BS 10008 Legal Admissibility of Electronic Data

    Registered with the ICO No ZA272652

    ASM DataCore’s  scanning services are ideal for creating data bases of large format maps, plans or drawings. We can index each image or set of drawings as required this allows immediate access  from your Laptop, Desktop or network server. Freeing up valuable office space.


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