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Document Management


ASM DataCore Ltd are the UK’s leading provider of Document Scanning Services and Document Management Solutions. We offer an innovative and diverse range of cost and time saving solutions to clients looking to make savings through process based improvements.

ASM DataCore offer a broad range of document management consulting services that can assist any business looking to make cost savings through process based improvements. Our offering is focused on document services and includes services, document, managed print services and business process outsourcing. We focus on removing paperwork, paper based processes and converting paper based data to digital data. Most of our customers combine a number of our services to ultimately save time, money and internal resource. We are driven by quality, efficiency and cost – the savings and improvements made can be both visible and dramatic.

Document Scanning Services

If you are looking to outsource your document scanning requirements then look no further. Our services are used by business customers nationwide with requirements varying from large document archives to daily scanning  that require regular collections.

We  digitise all types of document and up to any size . Documents are hand prepared, scanned, quality checked at various points then finally indexed and uploaded. We offer a cloud portal for you to view your documents which allows viewing on any web enabled device. Our services are ultra-secure and fully ISO accredited.

Document Management Software

More and more businesses are driving efficiencies by removing needless paperwork from their daily routine. In order to do this you’ll need the right document management software. At ASM DataCore we have  tested just about every platform available and we have chosen DocXP to offer the industries’ leading electronic document management software

Business Process Outsourcing

By outsourcing, time consuming and laborious paper and data based processes you can free up  time to concentrate on more critical tasks. ASM DataCore have the skills and the infrastructure allowing businesses to pass tasks over, that would ordinarily be both time consuming and expensive.

Consultancy Services

Our consultancy services help businesses achieve their goals and objectives whilst being entirely tailored to each individual situation.

Data Capture Services

Our data capture services process  invoices, surveys, forms, questionnaires, applications and much more. We use both manual (keying) and automatic data extraction methods to get your data from a physical format into the desired digital format. It’s not just paper based data that we can help with though. We also offer data extraction services from formats such as PDF, Emails and Word documents.

ASM DataCore Security Statement

ASM DataCore is dedicated to protecting all customer data, using industry best standards, we are accredited to ISO 9001:2008a and ISO 27001:2015,we are also registered with the ICO.
Many of our clients demand the highest levels of data security and have audited our procedures and services to verify that it meets their demands..

Physical Security

The ASM DataCore buildings are protected by a monitored alarm system which automatically informs a number of senior management key holders the instant a sensor is activated. Police response is maintained 24 hours a day 365 days a year. There is a back-up GSM phone transmitter in place in case of telephone line failure. The building is constructed of brick and block construction to first floor level. Visitor logs are maintained with confidentiality clauses in place for all visitors..
Our scanning production area is protected by internal key coded doors on all points of entry, there are no external windows. No unauthorised staff or visitors are granted access to this area. All points of entry are covered by 24/7, CCTV with hard disk recording and playback facility.Scanning production staff are certificated by DBS and wholly
employed by ASM DataCore, we do not use agency staff.

Hardware and Network Security

The scanning bureau network is standalone and is maintained in an“air gap” with no connectivity with the general business network or the external web. This prevents the possibility of viruses, hacking and data
theft and provides Police Constabularies and financial institutions peace of mind.
The use of removable media is strictly controlled and restricted to senior management with authorised media drives. Data is scanned directly to a password protected folder on the bureau NAS – no data is retained on individual scanning workstations.
Delivery of images can be by S FTP or encrypted hard drive.Upon acceptance of digitised data, the project folders are wiped according to DoD 5220.22 and ASM Data Sanitisation specifications.
Software Applications and maintenance.
All equipment and infrastructure are maintained by our in-house engineering staff ensuring there is no unauthorised access to data. When computer equipment reaches end of life it is securely destroyed, not recycled for further use.

These services will help streamline your business process, reduce costs and drive growth.

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    ISO27001 ISO9001

    BS 10008 Legal Admissibility of Electronic Data

    Registered with the ICO No ZA272652