Secure Document Storage

ASM DataCore offer a wide range of secure document storage facilities. Ideal for the external storage of archive boxes, with a range of box or file retrieval options included. Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of off-site document storage. Employing ASM DataCore for your document storage/management creates extra working space, retrieval of paperwork quicker and easier.
ASM DataCore manage clients documents in secure fully protected facility. Access is restricted to authorised personnel or company representatives.
Clients recieve inexpensive storage space with the finest data management on offer.
Highly trained staff work alongside their clients to design an inventory system specially tailored to fit their company.

Individual storage boxes are carefully stored at ASM DataCore’s premises.  
If the client requires information returned then ASM DataCore will locate the box immediately. Then, through the use of ASM DataCore’s rapid delivery uplift service, the documentation reaches its destination.

Scan On Demand

Now many businesses are choosing to ‘go paper-light’ scan on demand is the obvious solution.  To benefit from scan-on-demand, contact ASM DataCore today on 01264 336007. Rather than digitise all your documents in one go, by utilising our scan-on-demand option, you can digitise your documents step-by-step.  Scan-on-demand is particularly advantageous to large businesses who store many thousands of paper documents.

What is Scan-On-Demand?

Fast Access to information held in deep storage is critical to the operation of a successful business. There will be many occasions when you need access to your offsite documents immediately. Companies with large operations in various locations often need access to the same documents simultaneous. To facilitate these situations we offer a scan-on-demand service by combining our document storage with our scanning services. Requests are often completed within 2 hours.

To complement our scan on demand we offer Store 2 Scan.

  • For an agreed monthly fee we collect and store all your documents, then scan the agreed proportion of your archive on a monthly basis. The document storage element of this service is free of charge.
  • When an urgent retrieval is requested dependant on the volume of documents in storage an agreed number of retrievals will be considered as part of that current month’s quota.
  • When the digitising process is completed your scanned images will be indexed to simplify retrieval. When your month’s quota of files have been digitised and indexed, they are transferred to you securely.
  • S FTP, or alternatively uploaded to a cloud based document management. Secure destruction of the months quota digitised will be take place 90 days after digitised file have been returned

Benefits of Store 2 Scan

Free Box Storage

  • The Most Cost effective alternative to physical file delivery.
  • Digitised documents are available anytime, anywhere and to any of your personnel who have the requirement and permissions to access the digitised data via secure web access.
  • Totally GDPR Compliant

Our box storage service can be provided with any of our other services. ie post process archival service or as the primary service with optional scan on demand.

    ISO27001 ISO9001

    BS 10008 Legal Admissibility of Electronic Data

    Registered with the ICO No ZA272652

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