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Intelligent Mail Redirection through MY Digital Office!

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The Royal Mail provides a service to redirect Business post to a new location to help companies where the office has been closed, but it only deals with a part of the problem.

The problem is getting the post distributed to the right department or person to handle, process and if required, respond.

Combining the Royal Mails redirection service with our Intelligent Digital Post room solution, the Royal Mail redirects the post to our ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certificated bureau where it is opened, date stamped and then scanned.

Totally secure and confidential In-Trays are created for each user and/or department within the MY Digital Office 24/7 system where the scanned mail is placed. The user can then view and read the documents exactly as they would a paper file. Process it or forward it to another member of staff for comment or review.

The original scanned file/document and any response sent can then be Indexed as required and filed away within the MY Digital Office.

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