ASM DataCore provides the finest consultancy services free of charge.

It is generally considered that, for efficient conversion to the electronic storage and management of documents, a pre-project consultation and experience of meeting a client’s needs are essential.

ASM DataCore’s comprehensive service begins with a consultation to determine the client’s individual requirements. Highlighting the advantages storing archives in an electronic format may bring to a company.

The company specialise in the updating of old paper archives. This allows for new and improved business practices, leading to enhanced productivity, performance and financial benefits.

A consultation aids clients used to storing information on heavy paper files move to a much more streamlined method. It outlines the attributes of an exceptional electronic document storage system.

ASM DataCore also provide extensive training in the management and filing of archives stored electronically.

To request information about any of our services please call 01264 336007 or email

ASM DataCore provides consultancy services in the following areas:

– Improving existing information management strategy
– Expanding range of document management solutions
– System Selection, Design & Planning
– Integrating new software with existing packages
– System-to-System integration
– Staff Training / Re-Training
                                               – Maximizing efficiency of System maintenance
                                               – System Troubleshooting
                                               – Security & Secure Disposal of Digital Information
                                               – Digital Mail-room Services
                                               – Filing and Storage Systems

Please call or email us and permit ASM DataCore to find the best solution for you.